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Bunk Beds: Reasons Why You Should Ditch It

If you have a little space in your house and nothing seems to really fit well, bunk beds might be the only option for you. They are known for their ability to fit in tight spaces, so it’s like you have two beds in a single place.

For large families, bunk beds might be the answer to their worries, especially if they have small houses. However, do not get deceived. It is not your only option. Here are the reasons why you should ditch bunk beds altogether.

  1. For children, the top bunk is hard to reach. It’s also quite unsafe. So, if you don’t want to increase the risk of hurting your child, it’s best that you choose low platform beds instead.
  2. It poses suffocation dangers. Since it only allows for a small space, it’s hard to have proper air ventilation
  3. Chances of falling down while you sleep, which might cause you fractures or worse affect your head and neck, is high.
  4. Getting hurt when hitting corners or posts would happen frequently. This is especially true if you are a tall person.
  5. It’ll make you feel like you are trapped when you are sleeping in the lower bunk. If you have claustrophobia, then bunk beds would scare you.
  6. When the person on top of the bunk beds moves, it disrupts you as well. Thus, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep on it.

While there are do-it-yourself remedies for bunk beds, there are no solutions for the threat of falling down from it. And that’s not the only disadvantage of this type of bed. Bunk beds pose a lot of threats for both kids and adults. Lastly, don’t you find it liberating to lie down a free bed with no railings and no top segment?

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