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Travel Back in Time: Four Poster Beds Were on Trend

Let us travel back to the time when four poster beds are the best-selling items in the home section.

Four poster beds are considered classical items. Centuries ago, these beds were an indication of social status, power, health, abundance and luxurious living as only the rich can afford them. A lot of people were aspiring back then to own such bed. That is how it has obtained the description, King of Beds.

However, poster beds are actually more than just being chic and expensive. Since these beds can have curtains situated at the top, it gives a more private feel. During cold seasons, these beds, through the use of curtains, can help trap heat inside, making it more comfortable to sleep even during the chilly nights. Lastly, these beds are intended to protect you from pests and insects.

In the past poster beds are made out of wood, oak and velvet. However, today, you can choose the type of material to be used in making your desired bed, how heavy it is and even the built that matches the style and theme of your humble abode. Moreover, today, you do not need to be part of any royal family to have one. Grab yours now and give your home a classic look!